What Goes on a homepage?

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Your website’s homepage is the digital storefront of your business, akin to the front door of a physical shop. It serves as the gateway for the majority of your web traffic, making it a pivotal element that requires strategic attention. Whether you’re contemplating a website overhaul or a simple refresh, the homepage is the ideal starting point. Explore the essential features that contribute to a winning website homepage with these 6 key elements.

1. Hero Section

The hero section is the initial impression your website visitors get when landing on your homepage. Given that visitors take a mere 2.6 seconds to form their first conscious impression, this section holds immense value. Visual appeal is crucial, but equally important is the content’s ability to engage visitors and guide them toward your website’s goals. Clearly define your main objectives before diving into design or revamp, ensuring your call to action aligns with these goals.

2. Compelling Copy

Don’t underestimate the power of captivating copy on your homepage. It sets the tone for your entire website, allowing you to communicate with your dream customers and differentiate yourself from competitors. Collaborating with a copywriter can optimize your copy strategically, making it SEO-friendly and conversion-oriented.

3. Introduction to You

Step into the spotlight! While maintaining an about page is essential, featuring a section on your homepage that introduces you or your team humanizes your brand. Website visitors often navigate to the about page before making purchase decisions, emphasizing the significance of showcasing the faces behind the business.

4. Benefits List

Answer the fundamental question: Why should visitors work with or buy from you? Create a clear and concise benefits section that communicates the value you offer. Structure it in a way that resonates with your ideal client, emphasizing the tangible advantages of engaging with your business.

5. Client Love

Incorporate social proof, testimonials, or reviews on your homepage. Displaying positive feedback from satisfied clients instills trust and credibility. Utilize a short quote from a client on the homepage and guide visitors to explore more testimonials on another page.

6. Navigation Section

Strategically plan the navigation for your homepage and ensure a seamless journey for visitors. Avoid dead ends by providing clear calls to action that align with your website goals. If the goal is to encourage contact, make the process straightforward with prominent calls to action, preventing visitors from getting lost in the depths of your site.

Remember, visuals play a pivotal role in conveying your brand’s essence. Your homepage serves as the initial glimpse potential customers have of your business, influencing their decision-making process. If you seek further assistance in creating a winning website, feel free to get in touch and explore how I can contribute to your success.


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