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Welcome to the The Muse Co Blog; a collection of guides packed full of advice for creative businesses on building a head-turning, unique brand and website that converts visitors into paying customers.

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Why branding is more than a logo

As a small business owner, you've likely explored the idea of getting a logo designed. However, you may have encountered designers who emphasize that branding is more than just a logo. This isn't a ploy to upsell; it's a genuine concern for the success of your brand...

The Importance of a Professional Branding Designer

In the vast landscape of business, big or small, branding emerges as a key player. It shapes how your customers perceive you, defines their experience with your business, and sets you apart in a competitive market. A robust brand identity not only distinguishes you...

Branding: A Guide for Small Business Owners

Branding, as per the Oxford Dictionary, involves marking with a branding iron or the promotion of a product or company through advertising and distinctive design. But what does branding really mean, and why is it crucial for your business? Let's break it down for you....

Website Design

What Goes on a homepage?

Your website's homepage is the digital storefront of your business, akin to the front door of a physical shop. It serves as the gateway for the majority of your web traffic, making it a pivotal element that requires strategic attention. Whether you're contemplating a...

After The Website Is Up

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Hi! I am Noel. Helping busy business owners create bold online brands and stand-out, non-boring websites is my jam. I’m passionate about giving once-upon-a-time-website DIYers, ambitious entrepreneurs and founders back the time to focus on doing the things they love the most in their businesses, giving them clarity in their online presence and the confidence to grow big!

Through this blog and on social media I share my advice and best practices with  business owners on how to build strong brands that will start attracting their dream customers and website that work by focusing on strategy and business goals.

When I’m not working with inspiring business owners or shooting my dream wedding clients, you’ll probably find me snuggling my pup, hanging out with my people, or on the dance floor.